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Alexandra is the daughter of the President of the United States seen only in Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams.


In Spy Kids 2, Alexandra went to the Troublemaker Theme Park without her dad. While at the park, she devised a way of bringing her father over; and the plan was to sabotage a ride called "The Juggler" and stand on its post. This incident caught the attention of the male Spy Kids, Juni Cortez (who has a secret crush on Alexandra) and Gary Giggles. When they got there, Juni was told by Alexandra as to why she did it, and told Alexandra she and her dad need to have a talk. When they reached the bottom, Alexandra was punished for smuggling the Transmooker device. A little bit later, Alexandra and Juni dance ballet at the ball together; when Juni saw her, she was surrounded by the Secret Service by virtue of her father. Later on in the film, Alexandra is in her bedroom when Juni calls to say hello for a quick minute but he hangs up before they can really start to talk, much to Alexandra's disappointment. At the end of the movie, Alexandra and her father, the President of the United States, arrive at Leeke Leeke after Gerti sabotages the Transmooker and Alexandra proceeds to fire Gary, Donnagon, and others along with appointing Gregorio President of the OSS. She then talks to Juni, giving him his ID back, which is Level 1. Juni informs her that he's quitting. Shocked, she asks what about all the cool gadgets. He replies, as he slips the Elastic Wonder on her wrist, which he had gotten from his and Carmen's Uncle Machete earlier on in the film, that this was the coolest gadget right here. He asks then if they'll see each other around. She smiles as she says 'yes'.