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"Thought I ditched you." — Carmen Cortez
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Arnold is a major character in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over.


He wears a red Game Over player suit. He wears a pair of silver Oakley Over the Top Glasses with red lenses.


Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over[]

In Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, Arnold is introduced in Level 1. He was collecting coins, attempting to move onto the next level. he defeats the Pogo Toads in front of Juni's eyes.

Arnold is a strong gamer that always feels like crushing things. Outside Level 1's city, he meets Juni again and, alongside the rest of the Beta Testers, tricks him into going to the dark side of the Moon, but after the Robo-con fight with Demetra, he, Francis and Rez see him as "the Guy" before they head over to participate in the Mega Race in hopes of him being the Guy. During the Mega Race, Arnold assists Juni by telling him how to defend himself from Rez's boxing glove, and after finishing the race, he is overjoyed when Juni accepts that he is the Guy. Later, he fought Juni in Level 3 and before he had the chance to kill him, Demetra "tagged" Juni, switching places with him and getting a Game Over. He and the rest of the group arrives at Level 4 where Juni finds his sister Carmen, released by the Toymaker, who leads the group on, and eventually they surf their way through the lava-filled gorge towards Lava Mountain. A Lava Monster appears and attempts to prevent them from reaching Level 5, but fails, as they fall into the lava and discover that it is harmless, and they reach a cavern where they find the door to Level 5.

Outside the door to Level 5, the Beta Testers start to suspect that Carmen and Juni are the Deceivers, Arnold in particular feeling betrayed by that. As the real "Guy" appears and opens the door, but was struck by lightning soon after, losing all of his hundred lives and gets a Game Over, forcing the group to move on without him, they find Demetra again, revealed as the Deceiver, before the Toymaker attacks the group with a Destructo. Valentin then appears, holding the entrance back to the real world open so the group can escape. Demetra quickly holds the door open so he can go with them. Much later, he tracked through his e-mail and taken to the spy agency. He admits he's not strong in the real world, as Juni is disappointed with this, saying "reality check,". Arnold is then surprised and impressed to learn of Juni being revealed as a secret agent and the latter simply stating "I'm just Juni Cortez".


Arnold has a strong and dry personality, being intimidating, cold, harsh, and standoffish when Juni enters the game. But upon getting to know him further, he warms up to Juni and we see more of his kind side. He cares deeply for the people important to him, specifically his family.


Arnold is said to be the strongest of the three Beta Testers, which is alluded to and shown through dialog and actions from both him and characters around him. He seems to be experienced with the staffs used in Level 3.



Close friend


Close friend


Initially Arnold was cold and doubting toward Juni. His first two run-ins don't result in much, such as before The Mega Race, Juni denies being The Guy, but Arnold angrily directs him to the starting line. After the Race, he considers Juni 'The Guy'. He vows to protect Juni right before the staff fight in Level 3, where he is put up against him in a battle. If it weren't for Demetra tagging Juni out, Arnold would have given him a game over.

After leaving the game, Juni learns that Arnold isn't as strong as he was in the game. Juni is disappointed with this, saying "reality check,". Arnold is surprised and impressed by Juni being announced as a secret agent and the latter leaving by stating "I'm just Juni Cortez".


"But if you're a phony, Arnold will crush you."
—Rez, about Arnold, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
"The Glove! Grab the Glove!"
—Arnold, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
"I don't wanna crush Juni"
—Arnold, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
"I'm not strong"
—Arnold, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over



  • In the Spy Kids 3 Novelization, Arnold's name is accidentally spelled as 'Arthur' in one instance.