Arnold is a major character in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over.




Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

In Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over, Arnold is a strong gamer that always likes to crush things. On Level 1, he meets Juni and his first impression wasn't good, but after the Robo-fight with Demetra, he and his friends thought he was "the Guy". During the race (Level 2), he helped Juni by telling him how to defend himself from Rez's globe and he claps when Juni accepts he was "the guy". Later, he fought with Juni on Level 3 and when he was going to kill him, Demetra "tag" with Juni, ending up Demetra getting a Game Over. On Level 5, he and the others escaped from the game.


Arnold has a strong and dry personality, being intimidated and scary when Juni enters the game, but when he talks about his family, he is brave and sensible because he wants to save his family from poverty.


Arnold is an intense gamer and plays to his strengths he is supposed to have fought Juni. But Juni is tagged by another player named Demetra who is killed by Arnold. But later in the film it is revealed that Demetra isn't killed at all, she was the deceiver living in the game.


Francis and Rez

Their relationship is friendly because the three are testers. They know each other really well and they know what they're doing.


When he meets Juni, he act really rude and scary with him, but when he thought that Juni was "the guy", he went really friendly and he wanted to have all the secrets Level 5 haves. He was also very impressed learning Juni was a spy.




  • He is the smallest of all.
  • He is the strongest of every gamer.
  • He bought the game that is really expensive, yet he is in poverty.