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Clay Sculptures are special pieces of modifiable clay created by Fegan Floop, usually of a human head, but sometimes modified into the likeness of a Fooglie whenever a victim was taken to the Transmogrifier in the robotics lab.


Spy Kids[]

Making their only appearance in Spy Kids, only four clay sculptures are shown. The first of which was crushed by Mr. Lisp during one of his visits to Floop's Castle while Floop himself was demonstrating how the Robot Children work, but the Robot Children themselves were only lacking their brains in order to function properly. Floop also had one of Gregorio as Ninja Thumbs were taking him and Ingrid to their cell; it is unknown if he used it to turn Gregorio back to his normal self after Minion used the Transmogrifier to turn him into the exact likeness of Juni's drawing. Another sculpture was shown of Felix, which Floop turned into the likeness of the FoOglie he turned Felix into after he was captured following the raid on the Cortez home while having dinner with Gregorio and Ingrid (it was likely he had another sculpture of Felix's Fooglie model placed on the scanner). Lastly, one was shown of Minion, which Gregorio modified into the likeness of the four-headed Fooglie he would be today.