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Cortez Residence

The Cortez Residence, also known as the Cortez Home[1] or Cortez Hacienda[2], is the house where Gregorio, Ingrid, Carmen, and Juni Cortez live.


The house is a cliff-top mansion overlooking an ocean or a bay. The inside of the house has the usual amenities, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a workout/training room with a jungle gym (used every day for Carmen and Juni's morning trainings) and a pool. Gregorio and Ingrid's bedroom contains secret OSS computers hidden via their television screen and Ingrid's dressing table, as well as a secret passage hidden behind the bookcase leading to a secret closet where the N-I-X Super Guppy is hidden. The bedroom that Carmen and Juni share has an attached bathroom where Juni keeps his wart medicine. The house is also the location of Carmen and Juni's tree house.


Spy Kids[]

In Spy Kids, just before Carmen and Juni get settled into bed, Ingrid would tell Carmen her favorite bedtime story: The Two Spies who Fell in Love, which was how Ingrid met and married Gregorio. When Gregorio and Ingrid were away on their mission to search for their fellow OSS agents who've gone missing, they entrusted Felix to keep an eye on Carmen and Juni during their trip, where they were eventually captured. The following morning, Felix is alerted of the parents' capture and the house is under attack by Ninja Thumbs, who were searching for the Third Brain, which Mr. Lisp needed for his robot army. After revealing the truth to Carmen and Juni, Felix helped them escape via the secret passage that led them to where the Super Guppy was hidden, which they used to escape to the Safe House just as he was captured and soon after taken back to Floop's Castle and turned into a FoOglie by the Transmogrifier. At the end of the film, after Gregorio and Ingrid are rescued and Mr. Lisp is defeated, the family returns home where they are given a Thumb Thumb as a waiter for them.

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