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The DragonSpy 5, also called the DragonSpy DLX, is a small OSS submarine used as an underwater transport for agents in the Spy Kids Division.



Features and abilities[]

The DragonSpy can go up to 85 knots per hour.


Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams[]

In Spy Kids 2, Carmen and Juni reassigned themselves to the Ukata assignment and took the DragonSpy 5 to Leeke Leeke. The submarine became disabled when it came in the range of the Transmooker device. After the DragonSpy crashed, Carmen and Juni decided to evacuate using Inflate-A-Suits and Rebreathers.

Gary and Gerti Giggles are seen in a DragonSpy submarine in a later scene; the exact same thing that happened to Carmen and Juni earlier also happens to Gary and Gerti.