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Fegan Floop is one of the supporting characters of Spy Kids: Mission Critical.


Inner-Childlike Behavior[]

Flip-Flooped []



Claudia "Scorpion" Floop is Fegan Floop's daughter. When he first arrived at Spy Academy, Claudia believed him to be embarrassing. Then, when Floop uncovered "Ellie Night Night", Scorpion said the day he leaves the academy will be the best day of her life. When Murna announces that Fegan Floop will be a permanent staff member, she threatens to leave the Academy. She is about to go to Taco Butte to exit the Academy when Carmen Cortez stops her. She agreed to come back. Relations between Scorpion and Floop steadily increased. When Floop was accused of being the mole in Spy Academy, Scorpion and Juni were the only ones who remained convinced of his innocence.