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Floop's Fooglies is a TV show which Juni Cortez loves. It was named after the characters on the show who were actually mutated OSS agents supposedly captured by Fegan Floop, but it was later revealed that they were actually captured by ex-agent, Alexander Minion. In fact, Floop was just using the mutated agents for his show so he can make children happier, and that he was just being used as a pawn by Minion so he can take over the world.

There were four Fooglies that were shown in the movie, those consisting of Flower, Tall & Skinny, Too Too and Donnamight, which is later revealed to be one of the OSS's newest missing agents Donnagon Giggles.


  • The show is in fact a parody of Elmo's World, a 20-minute segment starring Elmo that has run on every episode of Sesame Street from Season 30 to Season 37.