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The FoOglie Drawing was a drawing created by Juni Cortez that he hoped would appear on Floop's Fooglies.


Spy Kids[]

Making its only appearance in Spy Kids, it was the day Gregorio and Ingrid set off on their mission to find their captured fellow agents, Juni did a drawing of this Fooglie idea on their way to school, which Gregorio would then snatch out of Carmen's hand after she mocked him over it. After Gregorio and Ingrid were captured and taken away to Floop's Castle, Gregorio jokingly told the Ninja Thumbs leading them to their cell of how dangerous it was as he gave it to them. Later, after locking Floop in the Virtual Room after Carmen and Juni's robot clones returned to the castle after stealing the Third Brain from them and while the real Carmen and Juni were storming the castle, Minion used the Transmogrifier to mutate Gregorio into the exact likeness of the drawing, much to Juni's shock and dismay when he, Carmen and Floop made it to the dungeon after Juni freed himself and Floop from the Virtual Room. It is unknown if Floop used the clay sculpture he had of Gregorio earlier in the film on the Transmogrifier to turn him back to normal.