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FoOglies are creatures created by the Transmogrifier in Floop's Castle. They act as supporting characters on Floop's television show.

Appearance and Biology[]

FoOglies are created by placing a clay sculpture or a drawing on the scanner, then putting a helmet connected to the machine on the head of the victim, who is usually strapped down to prevent escape. Once the device successfully scans the FoOglie design, it delivers the data to the helmet on the victim's head and crosses his or her DNA into the design, resulting in their transformation into a FoOglie. When a clay sculpture is scanned, only the victim's head transforms, but additional body parts can be added; if a drawing is scanned, the victim's whole body will transform into the exact likeness of the image.

In Floop's words, the transformation causes the victim's brain to "turn to mush". A FoOglie's speech is high-pitched and indistinct, as their speech is a rewound version of what they are trying to say. To understand a FoOglie, one must record the incomprehensible speech and play it backwards. This was first demonstrated by Ms. Gradenko when she visited Carmen and Juni at the Safe House during her attempt to steal the Third Brain by playing the tuneless song the FoOglies sing backwards, revealing to the children that the FoOglies are the missing OSS agents and that the song is actually a cry for help after they were captured and mutated by Floop. This way of understanding the FoOglies was again shown when Juni asked Donnagon/Donnamight where Gregorio and Ingrid were during his and Carmen's rescue attempt. Juni thanked Donnagon/Donnamight for his help by saying "Sknaht" ("thanks" spelled backwards), exhibiting that this process also works the other way when a human speaks to the FoOglie backwards.


The FoOglies debuted in the first film in the series as featured characters on Floop's television show, Floop's FoOglies. They lived in cages in the dungeon of Floop's Castle, alongside Gregorio and Ingrid after they were captured.

Shortly after the adult Cortezes were captured, Felix would be turned into a FoOglie after the Cortez home was attacked. Gregorio was also turned into a FoOglie, thanks to Juni's FoOglie drawing after it was taken from him and Ingrid when they were being led to the dungeon. After Carmen, Juni and Floop freed Gregorio and Ingrid, Floop turned Gregorio back to his normal self, and then helped the family turn the device against Minion, turning him into the four-headed FoOglie he is today, complete with a mutated right hand. Somehow Minion would be the only FoOglie who didn't require reversed audio in order for others to understand him, as his transformation only gave him the characteristic high-pitched voice. It was only after Mr. Lisp's defeat that the other OSS agents were returned to normal and released. Minion would be the only FoOglie left in Floop's TV Show, joined by Carmenita and Junito, the robot doppelgangers of the Cortez children, as replacements for the OSS agents' FoOglies. In the later films, Minion kept his FoOglie appearance, but had regained his regular voice.

Notable FoOglies[]