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Gerti Giggles was one of the two central antagonists (who turned herself into the anti-hero) of Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams and a cameo character in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over.




Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams[]


Gerti in Spy Kids 2.

In Spy Kids 2, Gerti is first seen at Dinky Winks' theme park with her older brother, Gary Giggles coming to supposedly help with Juni Cortez and Carmen Cortez rescue the president's daughter, Alexandra.

While Gary and Juni get in a fight on a device called The transmooker, Gerti has ponytails that spin, giving it the ability of a helicopter and allowing her to fly (activated through special gloves), kicking one of the evil henchman waiters (who are actually Magnamen) in the head.

At the end of the fight, the transmooker device gets caught by a different evil waiter, who is secretly working for the sinister side of the OSS. Gary blames Juni for the theft of the transmooker, and gets him fired from the OSS.

Later in the movie Gary and Gerti get assigned to a Level 1 mission (Juni and Carmen spy on them with a camera planted in Juni's "pet" robot bug, R.A.L.P.H.). Carmen Cortez gets them put on the same mission as Gary and Gerti (Juni reassigns their destination to Gobi Desert) and levels herself from Level 2 to Level 1 and reassigns Juni to the OSS.

While Carmen and Juni end up getting stranded out in the ocean wearing inflatables, Gary and Gerti arrive at the Gobi Desert where they both fall into a big stinky pile of camel poop.

Carmen and Juni make it to the island first. On the island, Carmen and Juni take an efficient route to the Transmooker device while Gary and Gerti take the same way at a slower pace. While on the way, Gary and Gerti get into trouble with a slizzard, forcing Carmen and Juni to help them. Later, the girls happen to get snatched by a giant pig named Sporky that can fly (made by the island's hermit named Romero).

While the girls are caught with Sporky, the boys, Juni and Gary, have a fight with two hybrid animals that they have happened to befriend. Carmen convinces Gerti to turn on Donnagon Giggles, her father. At first, it seems like she is helping her father. But when Donnagon fires up the bigger transmooker, it destroys its core. When questioned why she turned on him, Gerti simply threatens to tell her mother, who is unaware of Donnagon's evil misdoings, that Donnagon tried to conquer the world again. Then, she promises Carmen to straighten Gary out if he gets out of line.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over[]

In Spy Kids 3, Gerti flies by at Juni's treehouse, wondering when he will rejoin the OSS. Before leaving, she reminds him that "everyone's your family". Later, she is called for assistance in fighting off the evil Toymaker's robots. After the battle, all the Cortezes' allies, including Gerti, join into one family union. At the end, Gerti and Juni wink at each other.


Like her older brother, Gerti is a bit of a showoff, but isn't as corrupt and devious as her father or brother. She can be sycophantic to her family’s cause and acts as the voice of reason to her brother Gary, as shown when he tries to zap the sea creature that attacked them and she instructs him to “save it for the Cortezes” after finding their discarded inflation suits.


Her ability is being able to fly by using hair bands that spin her ponytails like a helicopter.


Juni Cortez[]

Gerti is friendly towards Juni and winks at him occasionally. She isn't as hostile as her brother, who seems to dislike Juni.


"Everyone's your family"
—Gerti Giggles, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over