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The Inflate-A-Suits were body inflation suit devices used by OSS agents for emergency purposes during missions necessitating travel on or underwater.


Appearance and features[]

The Inflate-A-Suit is essentially a jumpsuit that can inflate around its user's entire body to keep them floating on the water's surface. The outer layer could expand to allow for the suit to have a huge area to do so.

Only the user's head, hands, and feet could emerge from the suit's embrace through small holes on the top, sides, and bottom of it. Movement and mobility while inside it, however, was very limited if the suit overinflated.


Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams[]

In Spy Kids 2, when OSS agents Carmen and Juni Cortez went out to locate the Transmooker device, their DragonSpy ship, which had been traveling underwater, suffered a complete power loss and crashed at the bottom of the ocean. As it began to fill with water, they chose to evacuate and travel heavy. They each grabbed a rebreather, swam to the back hatch of the ship, and gathered as much gear as they could. As Carmen reached for one of at least two inflate-a-suits mounted on the wall, Juni began to protest, but Carmen pointed out that they didn't have much choice. Once they were suited and geared up they swam out of the ship and up toward the surface. Once clear of the ship, they activated their suits, which immediately began to inflate. But they didn't stop inflating until their air tanks ran completely dry.

Once they emerged from the surface, they spat out their rebreathers. When Carmen saw what had happened, she complained that she was fat. Juni asked if it was supposed to inflate as much as it had. Carmen explained that the suits each had an electrical automatic shut-off which hadn't worked, but luckily they had run out of air before the suits exploded, which means that the suits had possibly suffered the same power loss that their DragonSpy had.

After a while of being stuck in the suits, they found that they were directly in front of a large island that had been enshrouded in a cloud of fog not far away. Just then, Juni asked Carmen if she was kicking him because he felt something against his foot. Panicked, he told Carmen to look and see if there was something under him. Carmen told him that she didn't see anything and told Juni to forget about it and focus on getting ashore. But a huge two-headed sea monster emerged from the water behind them. The two agents didn't notice the monster behind them so they went to the duty of figuring out how to get to the island and how long it would take. As the two agents tried to figure out a way to get to the island and how long it would take, both heads of the monster bent down to the back of their suits and both bit huge holes into them. The air sent the agents propelling across the water toward the island. They got to shore safely in their now deflated inflate-a-suits never knowing what had happened to get them on land. The two of them removed and abandoned their suits, gathered their gear, and headed out to explore the island.

The second use of the inflate-a-suit happened just a few hours later as Carmen and Juni explored the mysterious island. Realizing they had been set off by the Cortez kids after falling in camel poop, Gary and Gerti Giggles set out from the Gobi Desert to find and seek revenge against them. But as they headed that way, they began having the same problems the Cortez siblings experienced. Their ship lost power, they chose to evacuate using their own inflate-a-suits, but when they activated their suits, they overinflated just as Carmen and Juni's had, trapping the Giggles kids. After only a few seconds of floating in their floatation devices, Gerti asked Gary if he was kicking her because she, like Juni before, felt something against her foot. Suddenly, the same two-headed sea monster arose from the water, but unlike the Cortez kids, the two agents saw the monster and began panicking. The two heads bent down as if to eat them, but when they caught a whiff of their camel poop stench which they had received while in the Gobi Desert, the monsters gave up on eating the agents, and instead splashed into the water right behind them. Gary and Gerti were launched out of the water and went flying through the air towards the beach of the same island the Cortezes were on. They hit the sand and continued bouncing along the shore until apparently something punctured their suits and deflated them.

Getting off the ground, Gary wanted to kill the creature using the taser on his spy watch. As he tried and failed to get it to work, Gerti told him to wait and pointed to the abandoned, deflated inflate-a-suits of Carmen and Juni Cortez. Gary agreed that he should save his taser for their two rival agents.