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The Juggler is a thrill ride at the Troublemaker Studios Theme Park, owned and operated by Dinky Winks.


The ride features the studio's mascot, Pepino, having four robotic arms used to carry the four magnetic bubbles that carry the ride's passengers; each bubble seats up to four passengers. As soon as the passengers get on the ride, all of the glass tops of the bubbles will seal, the hydraulic arms lift the pods high into the air, and from there, a vocal effect of Pepino's laugh is heard, then, the fingers release the pods so they spin and bounce around in circles, then the arms will lift and lower and run on a counterclockwise turn to add to the intensity of the ride and finally, as the name of the ride implies, it will juggle all the pods, and each time the pods are hurled into the air, they will land safely on the ride's powerful magnetic hands with perfect precision timing.


Spy Kids 2[]

While Alexandra, the daughter of the President of the United States, was visiting the park, she wanted to go on this ride, only to sabotage the ride by swiping the override key, causing it to get stuck just after she got on, and also allowing her to get out of her pod and walk towards Pepino's head. The incident prompted a call to action for the Cortez and Giggles Spy Kids. It would later be revealed that Alexandra swiped the Mini Transmooker from her father's office. As soon as they got her down, Alexandra was punished for stealing the item.