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The Machete Acid Crayon is one of the many spy gadgets created by Isador "Machete" Cortez. It is a red crayon made out of acid powerful enough to melt through metal.



Features and abilities[]


Spy Kids[]

In Spy Kids, while spending the night at their uncle's spy shop, Carmen and Juni steal Acid Crayons and other gadgets so they can use them to rescue their parents. After Juni frees Floop from the Virtual Room with his Electroshock Gumballs, Floop leads him and Carmen to the castle's dungeon to free their parents, who were locked in separate cells after Gregorio, to Juni's shock and dismay, was transformed into the Fooglie he drew by the Transmogrifier. Once there, Carmen uses one of the crayons to melt through the bars of the cell holding Ingrid, but Floop preferred to use the keys.