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The Machete Electroshock Gumballs are spy gadgets created by Isador "Machete" Cortez. They are green gumballs that, once chewed up and spat out, can electrocute anything and short-circuit anything electric. According to the wrapper, they're long-lasting, but Carmen doesn't really trust wrappers.



Features and abilities[]


Spy Kids[]

In Spy Kids, while spending the night at their uncle's spy shop, Carmen and Juni steal Electroshock Gumballs and other gadgets so they can use them to rescue their parents. Carmen used an Electroshock Gumball to disable a Thumb Thumb guard at the underwater entrance to Floop's Castle. Then, after accidentally trapping himself in the Virtual Room after Carmen falls into the same puzzle pit Gregorio and Ingrid discovered earlier in the film while being chased through the castle by the other Robot Children, who noticed the two siblings were not their robot clones when they attempted to trick them while trying to find the dungeon, Juni uses one to free Floop (who had been locked in by the siblings' clones shortly after they returned to the castle with the Third Brain in hand) and himself from said room, as it can only be turned off from the outside via the castle's main computer system; to do so, Juni needed a good aim to Floop's forehead to short-circuit the room. Later, while Carmen and Juni are fighting their robot clones, with them fighting the other sibling's clone as they did earlier in the film when the robots took the Brain, Juni spits a Gumball at Robot Carmen's nose, forcing her to let go of him. As she peeled the gum off her nose while she was electrocuted, it allowed the real Cortez kids time to subdue their robot counterparts into a wall and bind them to it with the Instant Cement.

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World[]

In Spy Kids 4, the Machete Electroshock Gumballs are seen as one of the gadgets in the Field Ambush Supplies.