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The Machete Instant Cement is one of the many spy gadgets created by Isador "Machete" Cortez. It appears as a can of silly string, but this special silly string, once squirted, forms into quick-drying cement.



Features and abilities[]


Spy Kids[]

In Spy Kids, while spending the night at their uncle's spy shop, Carmen and Juni steal the Instant Cement and other gadgets so they can use them to rescue their parents. During the fight with their robot counterparts as Mr. Lisp arrived at Floop's Castle to pick up his robot army, Juni and Carmen were able to subdue them into a wall, and fired the cement at them, temporarily sticking them to the wall. Their immobility allowed Carmen and Juni time for them to rejoin their parents in the castle's grand hallway for the final battle against Lisp, Ms. Gradenko, Minion and the rest of the robot army.