Ms. Gradenko is a traitor from the OSS, working with another former member, Alexander Minion, and Lisp. Like Lisp, she was only seen in the first Spy Kids film.




Spy Kids

After leading Agent Ingrid and Gregorio Cortez into a trap, Ms. Gradenko and her followers find to the OSS safehouse where Carmen, Juni, and the Third Brain are. She claimed to know them since they were infants and a member of the OSS in order to gain access to the safehouse. Carmen revealed to her the Third Brain lives. After finding it, Ms. Gradenko gave Carmen a bracelet the marks her as a female spy, which is actually a tracking device. Juni notices Gradenko's henchmen destroying their pod and promptly outs her as a traitor. The two spy kids managed to escape and recover the brain, but not before Ms. Gradenko and Juni fight over one of Machete's buddy packs. The Buddy pack sends Ms. Gradenko flying back into a chair and after a brief struggle, the buddy pack's flames turned upward towards her. Gradenko manages to shut off the buddy pack but not before her entire head is ablaze. Ms. Gradenko stands clearly furious while her hair burns, and growls when her henchmen spray her flaming hair.

Ms. Gradenko returned to Floop's castle and reunites with Minion to wait for Lisp. Gradenko is revealed to have lost the majority of her hair as a result of the buddy pack. She only has a few strands of hair on her otherwise shiny bald head. Upon seeing her, Gregorio is unsure whether she is Gradenko. Gradenko replies "Oh It's me alright. I owe my new look to your children". Gregorio seems pleased with this because he replies, "Remind me to raise their allowance." Carmen and Juni arrive to assist their parents, but the robot children army soon approaches the main hall. While Lisp is proud of his army and Minion stands quietly, Ms. Gradenko is overcome with sheer joy, clapping her hands and sporting a huge smile. Machete soon crashes through the window, causing Ms. Gradenko to get out of the way before returning to Lisp's side as he commands the army to attack the Cortez family.

Unfortunately for the trio, Floop has sided with the Cortez family. He reprograms the robot children so they bypass the Cortez family family and excitedly run towards the villains. The feelings of joy that Ms. Gradenko, Lisp, and Minion had immediately turn into horror as the robot children approach them. Lisp and Minion are grabbed, but Ms. Gradenko believes that climbing the chair Lisp was sitting in will prevent the children from grabbing her. Unfortunately for Ms. Gradenko, she too is grabbed by the children. The Cortez family then enjoys watching Ms. Gradenko, Lisp, and Minion being thrown up in the air like rag dolls.


Ms. Gradenko appears to be very sexual, even before her hair was burned off, and due to her interactions with Minion, it is possible she was his girlfriend. When Minion briefly disappears, she is seen flirting with Lisp, hinting at her unfaithfulness and her lust for other men. When Minion reappears deformed, she seems to be unimpressed with him and, as seen when the Cortez parents gatecrash the presentation, she is flirting with Lisp again, who seems to now be on talking terms with her.









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