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The N-I-X Super Guppy is a spy submarine owned by the Cortez family.


The submarine has the appearance of a giant fish, hence the large integrated tail fin in the back and the side windows having the appearance of a fish's eyes. An observation window is in the interior up front, which will activate once the submarine is underwater.

Features and abilities[]

The Super Guppy is hidden inside the Cortez home within a coat closet hidden in a secret passage behind the bookcase in Gregorio and Ingrid's bedroom. It's activated via a green button on either the left or right consoles, where it travels down a long dark tunnel underneath the house, then shoots out into the ocean. Before pressing the green button to fire it up, the user must press the blue button on the sub's starboard side adjacent to the rear door first to seal it. The submarine also has an auto-pilot system that inputs the user's desired destination, and it indicates the estimated time of arrival to that destination.


Spy Kids[]

In Spy Kids, Carmen and Juni use the N-I-X Super Guppy to escape from their home after it was raided by Ninja Thumbs and Felix was captured and taken back to Floop's Castle to be turned into a FoOglie by the Transmogrifier. Seconds after Felix's capture, the Ninja Thumbs were about to capture them next, but after Carmen grabs Felix's Locator Device, Juni fired up the Super Guppy, but couldn't find the blue button to shut the door, almost causing Carmen to fall out as it traveled through the tunnel, until she shut the door for him before the Guppy was launched into the ocean, prompting a chase with a group of Ninja Thumbs on speedboats. While trying to outspeed the Ninja Thumbs, Juni accidentally disables the Guppy's autopilot, switching it to manual, and nearly colliding with a fisherman twice. Just as the Guppy was about to collide with the same fisherman, Carmen steered the Guppy to jump over him, but the force of the jump causes Juni to fall off and land on the front of the Guppy. Just as the Guppy was about to crash into a nearby island while Juni held on for dear life, Carmen pulled Juni back up, causing them to reengage the autopilot and allowing them to dive underneath the island, whereas the speedboats piloted by the Ninja Thumbs crashed, forcing most of them to jump ship. The Guppy then transported Carmen and Juni to the Safe House. Ms. Gradenko had the submarine disabled when she arrived at the Safe House in order to prevent Carmen and Juni from escaping and to steal the Third Brain from them.

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams[]

In Spy Kids 2, a row of Super Guppies can be seen in the underground sub station.