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The Prototype Transmooker, also called the Mini Transmooker, is a smaller version of the Transmooker. Like its full-sized counterpart, this smaller Transmooker acts as a shield to any electronic item.


Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams[]

When Alexandra, the U.S. President's daughter, Alexandra, was visiting the Troublemaker Studios Theme Park, she swiped the override key to the Juggler ride before she could get on it. It was after stealing the override key, Alexandra caused the ride to get stuck, and the issue prompted a call to action for both the Cortez and Giggles Spy Kids to get her down, and it was after Juni scaled the ride to get her down, she tells him she stole the small Transmooker from her father's office. After Alexandra was brought down from the ride, she was punished for stealing the device. Later, the Magna Men, while posing as waiters at the OSS Banquet, steal the device after spiking the adults' champagne with sleepers, and as soon as all the adults awakened after they escaped, Gary blamed Juni for stealing it and he was fired, only to be reinstated, courtesy of Carmen. Finally, in the climax of the film, Donnagon would use it in the final battle before using the real Transmooker to destroy the Cortez family, but Gerti sabotaged it, destroying it. In the end, after Donnagon gives this device to Felix, it is eaten by one of Romero's Slizzards after he, his creations, Alexandra and the Secret Service join the fray.