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The RX Express is a spy plane created by Isador "Machete" Cortez.



The plane appears as a mini-jet, with the main wings on the sides and the rudder on the back. The engine turbines are located up front on its nose, where it travels to the exhaust in the rear.

Features and abilities[]

According to Machete, the plane is very fast. Although the plane was built originally for one passenger, it was able to carry two small children, in this case Carmen and Juni. The spy plane comes equipped with an autopilot function, as well as ejector seats that are set off from the bottom via the "drop" switch.


Spy Kids[]

In Spy Kids, Machete kept the RX Express in a hangar on the roof of his spy shop and when Carmen and Juni ask Machete for help, they originally wanted him to ride in it to Floop's Castle to rescue their parents, but he didn't want to, not even for them, due to the ongoing feud he and Gregorio had years ago. While spending the night at the spy shop, stealing several gadgets along the way, Carmen and Juni steal the jet the following morning and fly to the castle just as Machete wakes up, though he is able to wave at them as good luck. During the trip, the wings of the plane, as well as the landing gear, were torn clean off, and just as the two were nearing the castle, they quickly donned their diving gear and plunged into the waters just before the plane crashed. Carmen and Juni then proceeded to enter the castle via the underwater entrance.


  • In the August 1999 cast draft and April 2000 revised draft of the first film, the RX Express was originally called the Beijing Express, and could travel from New York to Beijing in 30 minutes, meaning that it could travel a speed of 13,648 miles per hour.[1][2]