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The Rehydrator in Spy Kids

The Rehydrator is an gadget found in the Safe House in Spy Kids.



The Rehydrator is a futuristic, advanced microwave. It is shaped like an oval, and there are two buttons on the side panel: one to open the door, and one to activate it.

Powers and abilities[]

The Rehydrator's primary function is the same as that of an ordinary microwave: cooking food. Except the Rehydrator only cooks color-coded food packets. Once activated by a button on its side panel, the Rehydrator generates electricity, activating the powder in the food packets; the resulting miniature blast restores the packet to the form of food it took on.


Spy Kids[]

The Rehydrator only appears in the Safe House, and is used twice: first by Carmen Cortez to cook a red-and-yellow food packet, turning it into a McDonald's Big Mac and large fry meal. The second time it is used is by one of Gradenko's henchmen to rehydrate another packet and turn it into a roast chicken meal.