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The Robot Children, also known as the Spy Kids, is an army of robots created by Fegan Floop and Alexander Minion.

Appearance and Creation[]

This is an army of up to 500 robots each created in the likeness of the offspring of important individuals across the globe, including the children of OSS agents, like Carmenita and Junito, the doppelgangers of Carmen and Juni Cortez. Sometimes, even the offspring of normal people are included. Among those examples besides Carmenita and Junito also includes Johnny Lisp, the son of Mr. Lisp. The usual attire for the Robot Children are telltale gray jumpsuits, as well as necklaces that have their limited edition Spy Kid number on it. The item that makes them smarter and initiates clear speech, once inserted into the bodies of the robots, is the OSS's top secret project: the Third Brain.


Spy Kids[]

Making their first appearance in Spy Kids, Mr. Lisp needed this army to conquer the world. Floop would demonstrate how they work, with his son's robot counterpart and a counterpart of the general's daughter being his primary examples. The thing was the robots were missing their brains, and Floop was given two days to find it in order for them to work properly or everything given to Floop will be lost. After escaping from their house in the Super Guppy as it was raided by Ninja Thumbs and Felix had been captured and turned into a FoOglie, Carmen and Juni managed to find the brain at the Safe House and prevent Ms. Gradenko from stealing it. It was after Gradenko failed to retrieve the brain, Carmenita and Junito, the robot counterparts of the Cortez children, were sent to retrieve it from them in San Diablo, and after successfully retrieving the brain, the Robot Children were ready for assembly for Mr. Lisp's arrival, and as Minion began mass-production of the brain for the army, Floop would be locked in the Virtual Room. As Carmen and Juni were storming Floop's Castle following a disastrous excursion in the RX Express, they tried to impersonate their robot counterparts and blend in with the other robots in an effort to find the dungeon, but the robot children noticed they're not wearing their jumpsuits, quickly recognizing the siblings as the real thing, and chased them through the castle, where Carmen fell into the puzzle trap Gregorio and Ingrid almost fell into and Juni accidentally trapped himself in the Virtual Room, where he found and freed Floop with his Electroshock Gumballs. As Gregorio and Ingrid gatecrash the presentation after turning Minion's own mutating machine against him, Juni and Carmen are busy fighting their robot clones, and after a while, manage to subdue them with the Instant Cement, which gave them ample time to join their parents for the final battle against Lisp, Minion, Ms. Gradenko and the rest of the robot army. As the Robot Children march into the grand hallway, the Cortezes prepare to fight in a last stand, thinking they could hold their own against the 500 robot children, when all of a sudden, Gregorio's brother, Machete, busts through the stained glass window and joins the battle; Carmenita and Junito follow suit, where Mr. Lisp orders the army to destroy the family. Finally, Floop manages to reprogram and reform the robot children, causing them to attack Lisp, Gradenko and Minion instead of the Cortezes. As soon as the Cortezes return home following their victory, the Robot Children shown on the news performing good deeds. In addition, Carmen and Juni's robot counterparts are cast in Floop's show along with the newly FoOglie-ized Minion.

Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over[]

"Robot children! Take em down!"
—Minion ordering the robot children to take out the Toymaker's robots, Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

In Spy Kids 3, after remembering Gerti's advice that everyone is his family well into the climax of the film, Juni summons the rest of the allies he and Carmen have made through their adventures in the first two films for assistance in the final battle against the Toymaker and his army of Destructos. Floop and Minion were among those allies, showing up with the Robot Children to help. Minion then orders the robot children to take out the Destructos, and they do so, defeating them offscreen.

Known members[]

  • Carmenita and Junito
  • Doppelganger of Johnny Lisp
  • Doppelganger of the President's daughter
  • Many unnamed robot children


  • Daryl Sabara's fraternal twin brother, Evan, also portrays a robot children in the movie.
  • The age for most of the robot children might be either 11 or 12 years old, meaning that they're just in pre-teen years. In fact, its never revealed if the robot children can actually grow up, unless Floop or Lisp put a device that will allow them to age.
  • Carmenita and Junito are the only robot children to switch into normal clothing when they are new cast members of Floops Fooglies rather than the grey uniform, as most of the robot children still wear it as shown in the third film.