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The SPYMobile is the Cortez family's main spy vehicle.


Appearance, features and abilities[]

The SPYMobile appears as an Isuzu Axiom and has the same functions, but has a secret onboard computer in the dashboard capable of communication, and comes standard with remote-start. The SUV also functions as a submarine, with all four tires serving as the propellers once it is underwater.


Spy Kids[]

Making its first appearance in Spy Kids, it was the day Gregorio and Ingrid set off on their mission, they entrusted Felix to keep an eye on Carmen and Juni while they were gone. Going offroad and making their way underwater with the SUV, Gregorio and Ingrid were soon after captured by one of Floop's scout submarines.

Spy Kids 2[]

The SPYMobile made a brief appearance outside the OSS Banquet as the family was arriving.