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San Diablo from the water

San Diablo is a city in South America.[1][2]


San Diablo is a large, modern coastal city with a high Hispanic/Latino population.

Points of Interest[]


Spy Kids[]

aerial view of the city

Carmen and Juni Cortez arrive at the OSS Safe House after their house is invaded by Fegan Floop's Ninja Thumbs, and Felix, who was watching them at the time after Gregorio and Ingrid were captured, was also captured and turned into a FoOglie. After learning the truth about their parents' pasts, they both decide to become spies. OSS traitor Gradenko infiltrates the Safe House under the guise that she was an ally, and once the Third Brain is discovered, a fight breaks out, during which the brain is stolen by one of Gradenko's henchmen, prompting Carmen and Juni to give chase to San Diablo. Upon recovering the brain, they hide in a Ukressa store and escape pursuit.

While in a park, Juni realizes that they are being tracked through a bracelet Gradenko had given to Carmen, and Carmen realizes too late he was right when their robotic counterparts, created by Alexander Minion, arrive and easily steal the brain. Upon learning that Floop and Minion are creating hundreds of robotic children for nefarious purposes, they go to Machete Spy Shop, founded by their uncle Isador Cortez, whose codename was Machete, for help. Machete takes them in, but refuses to help them rescue their parents. At dawn the next morning, they gather essential equipment Machete manufactured in his shop and take off towards La Isla de Floop in his RX Express.

Behind the Scenes[]

San Diablo's establishing shots were filmed in Chile.

  • The BuddyPack chase was filmed in Viña del Mar, Chile.
  • The aerial establishing shot of the city is Santiago, Chile; the camera zooms into Plaza de Ciudadanía.


  • The name "San Diablo" is contradictory; it translates to "Saint Devil" or "Holy Devil".
  • San Diablo is located 2 1/2 hours from the Cortez Residence, and about 100 miles away from Floop's Castle.


  1. "According to the coordinates on my locating device - they're either being taken to Asia. Or South America."
    Felix Gumm, Spy Kids
  2. Spy Kids August 1999 draft