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San Diablo Park is a city park located in San Diablo.


Spy Kids[]

In Spy Kids, while Carmen and Juni are resting after being chased out of the OSS Safe House by double-agent Gradenko and her henchmen after they managed to stop them from stealing the Third Brain, Carmen is trying to determine how to use the locating device so she and Juni can reach Floop's Castle and save their parents, needing a clue of how they can get there, examining the device and the photo of Gregorio and Machete that she took from an album containing the photos from the wedding. Juni, meanwhile, has determined the Third Brain's past and knew right away their parents would want it destroyed, until Carmen stops him from doing so, then he tries to convince her Gradenko's bracelet is a tracking device before she walks away from him in disgust. Walking over to a water fountain, Carmen realizes too late Juni was right and throws the bracelet away, seconds before their robot counterparts show up. Carmen ends up losing consciousness after headbutting Juni's clone while fighting it, while Juni is thrown onto a merry-go-round by Carmen's clone, who, after spinning it as fast as possible, steals the brain from him, and Juni, at the same time, steals her necklace. As a dizzy Juni gets off the merry-go-round after it slows down and Carmen regains consciousness, their clones fly back to the castle with the Brain in hand. When Juni shows Carmen the necklace, they realize what the brain is intended for and then call upon a taxi to take them to Machete Spy Shop to seek help in getting to the castle and saving their parents.