Scorpion is a character from Spy Kids: Mission Critical.



Scorpion aka Claudia Floop is the daughter of Fegan Floop, and also has a butler named Tom Thumb Thumb who is a character seen in the first episode when Carmen first meets her. She never had a good relationship with her father Floop because he'd always had his show Floop’s Fooglies. She also travels a lot.

Mission Critical

Scorpion is first introduced to the audience when Carmen Cortez is returning to her dorm room. Carmen and Scorpion immediately class because she is the daughter of Fegan Floop who Carmen and Juni had to fight previously. Claudia tells Carmen she came late to the interview for the Mission Critical Team because she was in a fashion show in Prague and comments on how Carmen has no fashion sense. She irritates Carmen more by redecorating their dorm room (Which they also share with Glitch). Scorpion is chosen to be on the team when Juni Cortez's original pick for the team flaked out on the first training session.

School Dazed

We first see Scorpion in this episode telling Glitch that the hot chocolate she is drinkings( make courtesy of Tom Thumb Thumb) is made from a very rare cocoa bean harvested from Mount Carrataca. She gloats a little by saying that she did a photo shoot there and the Carratacans gave the beans to her as a going-away present. Glitch is amazed by all the cool adventures Scorpion has gone on.

Carmen grabs the mug from Scorpion's hand and remarks that is must be a "rare family heirloom, one of a kind, only one like it in the entire world". Her tone is mocking but Scorpion does understand the mocking and says that is 13-century porcelain. Carmen groans in frustration while walking over to her bed in the girl's dorm room. Scorpion calls her an angry-faced girl and Carmen gets more upset that Scorpion left her shoes on Carmen's bed.

Scorpion then tells Carmen that her bed is an attractive bench covered by a hideous tarp. To which Carmen responds that the blanket which Scorpion had insulted as actually a rare family heirloom. Knocking Scorpions shoes off to reveal a purple kitty pattern blanket. Scorpion then sarcastically states that of course its a treasure. Glitch breaks up their heated chat by asking about the shoes that are still on the bed while Carmen states that she is not helping but is interrupted by her phone.

Carmen's three best friends called to remind Carmen that in a few weeks was their annual trip to the lake house. Scorpion overhears Carmen say that the house belongs to Lena's parents, they had been going to visit every year since they were eight and would do slumber parties there. Scorpion says that there is a first time for everything referring to the fact that Carmen won't be able to go to the slumber party because she is the leader of Mission Critical. She says, "Superspies do not get summer vacation, Tango."

Songs in the Key of Pain


Frenemies for Life

And, Scene!

Inner-Childlike Behavior

The Vinyl Countdown

Off the Grid

The Cookie Crumbles


Scorpion is the tough and follows-the-rules kind of girl and sometimes bossy.