The Slizzard is a mutant creature from Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams. Along with the Turtleroo and Spork, it is one of the only mutant creatures without a pun on a real animal and is a hybrid of a snake and a lizard.


It has the head and neck of a green snake with the body of a large green lizard. It bears a close resemblance to a dinosaur or dragon.



The Slizzard was the first creature to be exposed to Romero's growth serum.

Spy Kids 2

While Carmen and Juni rode on a hovering magnet scooter, a group of small slizzards hitched a ride. The kids quickly abandoned it and jumped off. Another Slizzard was tamed by Gary Giggles, who rode it to combat Juni on the Spider Monkey. The Slizzard used its neck to make a pillar fall on the Spider Monkey. Carmen knocked Gary off of the creature's back. The Slizzard hissed at her, before the recovered Spider Monkey trapped it in its web, The Slizzards were seen near the end, embracing Romero along with the rest of the creatures. Romero rode on one, which then swallowed the prototype Transmooker.


  • Along with the Turtleroo and Spork, its name doesn't have a pun on an animal named after another animal, though its name is a combination of slither and lizard.