Below is a list of mistakes that occur in the Spy Kids movie series.


Spy Kids

Continuity Errors

  • When Juni handcuffs the metal box to his wrist, it switches back forth from his right wrist to his left over and over again.
  • When Juni and Carmen sit in the park in San Diablo, as Carmen holds the locating device, Juni holds the Floop and Fooglie figures and starts to set them down. In the next shot, the Fooglie is already down, but Juni now holds the Third Brain, its small sack with the long cords and Floop. The position of the backpack changes between shots as well.
  • Life-jackets appear suddenly on the two kids when they emerge from the inside of the Super Guppy. When they re-enter, they suddenly disappear. Likely, the crew simply didn't want the actors to be on a boat without a life-jacket. Additionally, after they re-enter, Juni's school blazer disappears then reappears.
  • In the first shot of Floop's castle, when the camera pans towards Floop, he holds a ball of clay in his right hand. When it cuts, it's in his left hand.
  • At Ingrid and Gregorio's wedding, when they escape after they hold hands, in the close-up the parachute leg straps are not around Ingrid's thighs. They are dangling at her back as they run to leap off the cliff, whereas Gregorio's are set right. Yet in the next wide shot, as they jump, the straps are secured around both of her thighs.
  • When Carmen and Juni go into the clothing store Ukressa, a Thumb-Thumb hits the door. Moments later, the clothes trolley goes flying out of the door. It should have run into the unconscious Thumb-Thumb, but the Thumb-Thumb is gone.
  • The handcuff with the broken chain that is stuck on Juni's wrist actually changes its position to the opposite way, while on the same wrist. In some shots, the single bar faces out and in others the double bar faces out. For example, when Juni speaks into his watch and says "I'm toast!", the double bar faces out, yet in the park when Juni spins as Robo-Carmen approaches him, the single bar faces out.
  • After Ingrid and Gregorio disappear through the ceiling, when Robo-Carmen and Robo-Juni appear in the corridor towards the stairs, there is a tall silver pedestal. When Carmen and Juni actually battle the two robots, as Carmen pulls Robo-Juni's hands behind his back, there are multi-colored lights all over that pedestal.
  • When Ingrid is telling the kids the story of how she fell in love with their dad, she mentions how nervous she was on the day of the wedding until she was walking down the aisle and saw him for the first time. As they said "I Do" was when the helicopters came and they escaped during the ceremony. But later on in the safe house, Carmen finds picture from the wedding, including one of Ingrid and Gregorio together. They were presumably taken before they escaped.
  • When Gregorio and Ingrid drive the kids to school, Juni's tie is first under his seat belt, then it is over the seat belt, and once again under the seat belt. Plus, the seatbelt near Juni's collar differs between his reflection on Floop's screen and Juni.
  • When Carmen and Juni confront their doppelgangers, after their parents ascend into the circular opening, at the end of the corridor there are many things, including two tall yellow lamps near the window, as well as two large globes sitting directly on the floor against the side wall nearby. However, after Robo-Carmen throws Juni across the floor, when he runs back up the corridor, everything at the end of that hall changes and now the large globes sit on the stands.
  • When Juni and Carmen reach the door to the Super Guppy, Felix puts the locating device down on the black bag with both handles down and then leaves. However, when Carmen retrieves the locating device, the left handle is upright, though nobody touches it.
  • At the safe house, the amount of blanket that hangs over the edge of the top bunk bed changes back and forth throughout the scenes.
  • The characteristics and features of Floop's castle differ hugely in the exterior shots of the castle and the interior shots. One crucial example is all the windows in the grand room which are visible in interior shots, yet not in the exterior shots.
  • When Minion chains Gregorio and Ingrid in the robotics lab, the position of the colorful link chains that bind them differ in consecutive shots.
  • When the kids take the map from Machete, there is no hat on the headboard, no table, no lamp or drink and his pillow has vertical lines. Yet in the following shot when Machete wakes up to hear the rumble of the plane's engine and realizes the map is gone, numerous things change drastically. The headboard, though similar, is not the same one, his pillow now has broad horizontal lines, there is a yellow hard hat hanging on the corner of his headboard and a lamp on a small table with a large drink on it, are beside the bed.
  • When Carmen and Juni are in the Super Guppy being chased by Thumb-Thumbs, they zoom towards the one-manned small boat. In the shot facing the small boat, its motor faces to the right of the Super Guppy, yet in all the following shots the boat now faces the opposite direction. Oddly enough, it's not a flipped shot. Also, in the shot facing the front of the Guppy as it actually flies over, the man sits much lower in the boat before he bends down.
  • When Carmen and Juni drop from the Spy Plane near the castle, in the first shot as they fall, Juni is not wearing his air tank and regulator while Carmen is wearing hers, however as they hit the water he wears it.
  • Robo-Juni and Robo-Carmen appear after Gregorio and Ingrid ascend into the opening above, and as they run up the wall and flip over, a huge green work of art hangs on the corner wall at the left side of the screen. However, when Robo-Carmen taunts Juni, a smaller pink frilled work of art hangs on that very same corner wall.
  • At the safehouse, when Carmen reads from the book "How To Be A Spy", the items on the table in front of her and Juni change, as well as the table behind them.
  • When Ms. Gradenko arrives at the safehouse and is showing Juni that the Fooglies are mutated agents, Carmen is standing near the kitchen. When Ms. Gradenko shows Juni what the Fooglies are saying backwards and the shot goes back to Juni, Carmen is standing next to him. She could've walked over to see what's happening.
  • When the large doors to the grand room open, Robo-Johnny runs up the corridor towards Lisp and the door to the virtual room as well as its two signs, are at the end of the corridor. Yet when Gregorio and Carmen 'drop in' on Floop's table, the wall with a window is at the end of the corridor. Then when Minion receives the Third Brain from the robots the virtual room doors are visible, however in the following shots the wall with the window is back once again.
  • When Carmen chases the man with the Third Brain, the large Spanish billboard for the Floop's Fooglies show advertises the "best show for children" to be on channel 36 at 8:00am. When Minion turns Gregorio into a Fooglie, Minion tells him and Ingrid that their kids will still be able to see their father "Every weekday morning between 7:30 and 8:00.".
  • As Carmen and Juni stand in the shadows and encounter the first Thumb-Thumb at the castle, the black oxygen tube on Carmen's shoulder changes position in consecutive shots, as does Juni's position behind Carmen.
  • After Carmen and Juni board the Super Guppy, the Thumb-Thumbs break through the bookcase creating a mess at the secret entrance. When Carmen runs back out to retrieve the locator, in the shot facing Carmen's back as she crawls in the distance, the bookcase/door is intact.
  • When Juni and Carmen are flying the aircraft to the castle, Carmen slams into her brother and he falls forward onto the flight stick. The flight stick goes forward but the aircraft goes up, not down.
  • Carmen sends the anchor up into the circular puzzle opening above and in the next close-up the anchor attaches itself to the puzzle structure. She then attaches the base of the anchor device on Robo-Juni's back and when he goes flying up, the actual puzzle shapes are completely different from the previous close-up. The way the anchor is anchored differs as well.
  • The exterior shots of the clothing store Ukressa that Carmen and Juni fly into show the storefront and a good portion of the sidewalk to be in shadow, yet in the interior shots as they and the Thumb-Thumbs fly in, there is bright sun streaming in through all the windows and doors.
  • At the safe house, as Carmen picks up and begins to read the book "How To Be A Good Spy", the wicker basket tower stands to the side of the stone wall, behind the wicker bench. Yet when she says, "A good spy has no fear", the wicker tower stands in front of the stone wall. Throughout this scene the tower changes position, depending on camera angle. Then after Ms. Gradenko arrives, the tower and its contents change position in the following consecutive shots.
  • When Ms. Gradenko and Juni fight over the backpack at the safehouse, the way each of them holds the backpack differs in each of the shots.
  • At the wedding, as Ingrid starts to nervously walk up the aisle, the people she passes on her left not only change position while they're still on her left side in three consecutive shots, in the next few shots quite a few guests actually change sides and/or are now nearer the groom.
  • In the opening shot of the film, as Carmen sits by the window, Ingrid walks past the table in the hallway when she enters the bedroom and on the table are flowers and a doll. Behind Carmen, a red cloth is draped over the tall dresser. In the following shots a lamp makes its appearance on the hallway table, the doll's position changes and the red cloth on the dresser not only changes position, but in many shots one side is actually gone.
  • When Ingrid is in the bedroom at the vanity table, the tray of makeup with the lipstick at the back is reflected in the large center oval mirror directly behind it. However, in the next close-up as she types on the makeup, the mirror's back wood support and the bedroom wall are behind the makeup, not the mirror. It is only in the next shot, as Ingrid finishes typing, that the mirror actually turns horizontally to expose the wood support and wall.
  • When Robo-Carmen lifts Juni, he drops the plastic wrapper, then the wrapper itself differs when Robo-Carmen holds it.
  • After Lisp and the other men arrive, Minion runs to the robotics lab to supposedly see Floop. When he arrives the Fooglie-making hats change position between shots. Then when he speaks with Juni, Minion's position changes between all the shots facing him and the rest facing Juni.
  • At the safehouse, the silver trunk, yellow flashlight, silver pipe, oxygen tank tubes, stool, etc., all standing against the wall beside the escape tunnel take turns changing position over and over again in consecutive shots.
  • After Juni asks Donnagon about his mom and dad, he ascends to Carmen, who waits up top. In the wide shots as Juni ascends and descends, the puzzle shaped cover on the circular opening, over Juni's head, is positioned a certain way, yet in the semi close-ups it is positioned differently.
  • When Juni and Carmen walk into Machete's shop, the items on Machete's desk differ between the shots facing him and the shots facing them.
  • At Floop's castle, Ingrid asks Floop "Where are the OSS agents you've taken?", Gregorio holds the huge spoon in his right hand, then places it in his left hand and when he looks down to see the fur napkin on the plate in front of him, he makes a face. In the next shot the spoon is back in his right hand and the fur napkin is now on the table under his left hand.
  • The small screen on the Super Guppy boat/sub which reads "manual override engaged", "calculating escape solution - dive" and then "autopilot re-engaged,", in close-ups, all reflect Juni's bandaged fingers directly in front of it, though for example, when the autopilot screen appears, Juni is upside down in the previous wide shot.
  • After Uncle Felix turns the dial to the secret chamber behind the bookcase, the position of the safe door, books and other items differ in the shots facing the long hallway and the shots facing the bedroom.
  • At the wedding of Ingrid and Gregorio, when the helicopters come, a bunch of pages fly out of the large bible the pastor holds. In the next shot of the pastor he's now holding a small bible with a different cover.
  • While Juni and Carmen are in the Super Guppy, the top of boat above the controls actually differs within the sequence of shots on the water. Their heights differ as well.
  • The arrangement of Carmen's hair repeatedly differs in consecutive shots throughout the film, depending on the angle of the camera.
  • When Carmen tells the four Fooglies "We'll be back for you, fellow agents", she uses her arms to calm the Fooglies, and the band on her right upper arm is much higher up in the second shot.
  • The four Thumb Thumbs fall, after being zapped by Machete's Bubbles, yet in the following shots when Juni and Carmen descend, their bodies lie in completely different positions.
  • At Machete's Spy Shop, when Machete points his finger at Juni, with the World's Smallest Camera, his hair visible on the live video differs from his shot.
  • During the wedding of Ingrid and Gregorio, the flowers in Ingrid's hair change, from the time she knocks the head off the ice swan through the following shots.
  • After their parents ascend into the ceiling, Carmen and Juni confront their doppelgangers, who run up the wall, flip over and land in the center of the 'water' outline on the floor. After Carmen exclaims, "Oh shiitake mushrooms!" when they all walk towards the 'water' outline to come face to face in the wide shot, the robots walk towards the center though they were already there.
  • When Carmen and Juni fly towards Floop's castle in the Spy Plane, the position of Carmen's arms around Juni changes over and over again in the side and front consecutive shots.
  • While Machete is asleep, Juni takes the map to Floop's castle and Machete grabs his wrist. As Carmen tries to loosen Machete's grip, in the semi close-up Machete has Juni's bare wrist in his tight grasp, but in the following close-up he holds the entire cuff of Juni's shirt within his fingers. The way Juni holds the map differs in both shots as well.
  • When Gregorio and Ingrid land on the table in front of Floop, the items on the table directly in front of the two of them are quite different in the shots facing them and the shots facing Floop. Things on the table change throughout the scene.
  • After Carmen zaps the Thumb-Thumb with Machete's Electroshock Gumball, she takes another wrapped one out to show Juni. In the wide shot, the wrapped gumball that she holds does not have a back sticker, yet, in the close-up she turns the gumball over to read "long lasting", on the back white sticker with the ingredients.
  • When Floop shows his clay model of Felix's face to Gregorio and Ingrid, he is wearing a black glove on his right hand. The shot then briefly cuts to Gregorio. When the shot returns to Floop, he is no longer wearing the glove.
  • As Ingrid and Gregorio are being led past the jailed Fooglies, when Ingrid says "Characters from Floop's TV show", in the close-up the Fooglie with purple hands moves along the bars towards the center. However, in the next wide shot he simply stands back at the left corner holding the bars.
  • Carmen and Juni start to follow the robot children when they try to get to the dungeons undetected. The position of the braids/plaits on the robot girl in front of them changes over and over again in consecutive shots.

Factual Errors

Deliberate Errors

Revealing Errors

Visible Crew/Equipment Errors