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Welcome to the Spy Kids Wiki. We are delighted to have users willing to contribute here, but first you must follow a list of policies before you proceed. If they are violated by users, they will receive warnings. If it continues, they will be blocked in accordance by the admins.

It's important for users to have fun, but be sure that those around you have fun too.


  • Do not add NSFW, suggestive, offensive, violent, or other inappropriate material.
  • Keep your language clean, period.
  • Check your spelling and grammar after you have done your editing.
  • Do not edit templates without permission.
  • Do not add unrelated information or any form of vandalism or spam into the articles.
  • To prevents editing conflicts, use the preview button.
  • You MUST be at least 13 years old to register.


  • Don’t forget to update pages. It's a wiki after all. Encourage others, including those who disagree with you, to update pages too.
  • This Wikia is for factual information only. Do not add any form of fanon, including OCs, fanfiction, headcanons etc. That’s what the Spy Kids Fanon Wiki is for.
  • When creating a new article, do not leave it blank. If you are writing a stub, please remember to add { {Stub} }, { {Stub-section} }, { {Super stub} } or { {Super stub-section} } so that users can finish the article with as much information as possible.
  • Everything should be written in a neutral point of view.
  • Do not create any articles about subjects unrelated to the Wikia (fanon, random subjects, etc.).
  • Do not add new categories without first consulting with an admin.
  • Do not add gibberish, vandalism or spam to articles. That is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate discipline.
  • Do not engage in reverting wars. If an article has already been reverted once, bring up your concern on the article’s talk page.
  • Do not undo an admin's edit.
  • We allow mentioning information/trivia about Spy Kids from other websites if the site has been approved by an admin or if the source is official. Plagiarism is not allowed. No unofficial/false sources.

Talk Pages

  • Do not post unrelated topics to a talk page.
  • Talk page discussions must be limited to subjects that relate to the article.
  • Do not forget to sign your comments with ~ ~ ~ ~.
  • Do not remove anything from a talk page.
  • Do not add gibberish, vandalism or spam to talk pages.

User Pages

  • Do not edit other user’s pages without permission.
  • Use of multiple accounts (sockpuppetry) is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not give out personal information.

Message Walls

  • Do not remove any messages or replies unless they are spam.
  • Do not add any drama-based messages or topics.

Photos and Videos

  • Do not upload any NSFW, violent, offensive, suggestive, or unrelated media to the Wikia.
  • Files should be properly named.
  • Fan art and fanfiction is allowed on forums or discussions, but not in articles. That’s what the Spy Kids Fanon Wiki is for.
  • Do not add images that insult another user.
  • Do not replace the infobox images without permission.
  • Do not add infobox images unrelated to the article.


  • Behave appropriately, civilly and courteously.
  • Be nice to users here, longtime or new. Do not bully or harass users.
  • Keep your language clean, period.
  • Respect other users, and and do not try to start any drama.


  • Keep your language clean, period.
  • Do not add links to NSFW sites, sites with excessive violence, sites with offensive material, or other inappropriate sites.


  • Admins are required to give a warning on your Message Wall if you did something that wasn't allowed. If they have to tell you several times, then it means you are doing it intentionally.
  • After two or three warnings, an admin may place a block on your account. Blocks can be from an hour to a few days for minor problems, or weeks to months to a year or permanently if the problem is severe enough. If you are able to provide a reasonable explanation for what you did, explain it to the admin who gave you the block and it may be shortened and/or removed.
  • Do not remove their warnings from your Message Wall. Removing a warning will result in a ban.

Admin rights

  • You have to be a member of the wiki for at least six months.
  • You have to make at least 500 contributions. Message Walls, blogs and/or forums do not count.
  • You have to be approved by at least two current admins.