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Third Brain

The Third Brain System is a project referred to in the film, Spy Kids. The Third Brain was originally devised for good, when Gregorio Cortez worked on the project. The goal of the Third Brain was to create artificial intelligence equivalent to the intelligence of the best spies.




Spy Kids[]

In Spy Kids, Mr. Lisp tries to use the Third Brain in order to create an army of robot children to take over the world (including Carmenita and Junito); the brain, once inserted into the bodies of the robot children, makes them smarter and initiates clear speech. The OSS director ordered the brain to be destroyed, realizing it was too dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands, but it was after Gregorio refused to destroy the real brain, replacing it with a replica to make his fellow spies think he did destroy it, he kept it hidden in the Safe House. The following morning after Gregorio and Ingrid were captured as they set off on their mission to find their captured fellow OSS agents, the Cortez home was raided by Ninja Thumbs searching for the artifact, and in the process, Felix, who had been watching Carmen and Juni while Gregorio and Ingrid were out, was captured and taken back to Floop's Castle, where he was turned into a Fooglie by the Transmogrifier along with the other four captured agents who would appear on Floop's TV Show, including Donnagon Giggles the night prior. Carmen and Juni escaped to the Safe House in the Super Guppy following the raid, where they found the brain during a visit from Ms. Gradenko, who tried to steal it. Carmen and Juni managed to prevent Gradenko from stealing it following a wild chase through the skies, and Juni, determining the brain's past and why it was sought for Lisp's evil plans, knew right away Gregorio and Ingrid would want it destroyed, but they wouldn't get the chance to do so when their robot counterparts took it from them while they were in San Diablo. As soon as the two robots brought it back to Minion, he would then lock Floop in the Virtual Room. As Carmen and Juni began their excursion to Floop's Castle in the RX Express, Minion began mass-producing the brain and inserting it into the robot children. Shortly after Gregorio and Ingrid are freed and the family turns the mutating machine on Minion, Floop reprograms the Third Brain to reform the Robot Children during the final battle, with Carmen and Juni's robot counterparts being cast in his TV Show along with the newly-Fooglie-ized Minion.

Spy Kids 3[]

In Spy Kids 3, Gregorio was working on the Fifth Brain when Juni and Carmen called for help. As he was working, the Third Brain is visible on the table along with the First, Second and Fourth Brains. When Gregorio rushes off to help his kids, he knocks over the table and all five brains.