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Sebastian, better known as the Toymaker, is the main antagonist of Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. He was a former agent of the OSS and former partner of Valentin Avellan. He was imprisoned in cyberspace for betraying the OSS in an incident that cost Valentin the use of his legs, a betrayal that haunted both him and the Toymaker for days to come. The details of the incident were unknown to the modern OSS but the inherent danger of the ex-agent meant he was to be kept in imprisonment for over 30 years.


The Toymaker is a tall old man with steel gray hair. He wears a gray scale pattern coat.


Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over[]

Growing bitter and angry at the world for his long imprisonment, the Toymaker hatches a plan to capture and possess the world's children in a virtual reality game. With the children possessed the Toymaker can control the world through its new generation. In response to the Toymaker's plot, the OSS sends in young spy Carmen Cortez to shut down the game from the inside. They would have sent Juni as well but he ignores Carmen's calls, leaving her to go the mission alone. Carmen is able to get as far as level 4 (the game ultimately has five levels) before she is captured and imprisoned by the Toymaker.

Juni decides to enter the game himself when he learns of his sister's imprisonment. He comes to the Toymaker's attention when he summons his grandfather in to the game to assist him. Fearful but realizing he can use his old comrade's desire to find him, in order to free himself, the Toymaker begins to subtly influence the game to lead Juni and his grandfather, Valentin to level 5 and his lair.

While Juni is traveling through the game with his allies, the Toymaker begins to display an increasingly confused and unstable mood. His past actions and time to reflect in isolation in cyberspace, having appeared to have driven him to insanity, as evident by the three holographic representations of different parts of his personality, which he speaks with to help make up his mind.

After the Toymaker has supposedly exited from the game, Juni's grandfather Valentin confronts him through one of his hidden cameras. Valentin tells him that he knows why he is causing people pain, and will find him and stop him. The Toymaker angrily responds that if Valentin does find him, the world will pay the price for his imprisonment.

The Toymaker releases Carmen back where she was last seen. When the kids attempt to find another way to get to Level 5 instead of by the impassable lava, he sends Tinker Toys to chase them there. The kids escape the Tinker Toys by surfing on the lava. The OSS figures out the Toymaker's motives and attempt to stop their agents from reaching Level 5 by sending a lava monster. Fortunately, the Toymaker made the lava cold. When the kids enter Level 5, he declares them winners, and their prize is to stay in the game forever, as his evil and powerful Destructos appear. The game begins shutting down when Valentin pulls a switch, allowing himself and the kids to escape. He purposefully releases the Toymaker in the process.

Temporarily using a disguise (pretending to be the President), the Toymaker announces his return and sends the Destructos to the real world. The extended Cortez family manages to succeed in defeating the robots. The Toymaker himself arrives inside a giant humanoid mecha. Valentin gets inside. He knows that only the Toymaker has the decision to stop himself. The Toymaker listens as his old friend tells him of the things he missed in his life because of his accident. But Valentin reveals that there were some good things that came as well, from losing the use of his legs, and he was only finding the Toymaker to forgive him. The Toymaker always wished to hear this from Valentin, so he shuts down the robot and declares the game as over. As the mech collapses, the Toymaker and Valentin emerge from the rubble. The Toymaker vows to change his ways, and joins the Cortezes' extended family.


The Toymaker is a genius level computer programmer as evident from his creations despite his imprisonment and is well aware of his own genius. Despite this genius, Valentin noted he was easily corruptible which led to the incident that also led to his imprisonment.

Consumed with guilt, regret and shame over his betrayal of his old friend Valentin, his imprisonment in cyberspace drove him to a mostly benign insanity where he uses his genius to create Game Over in revenge and also a "second chance". His insanity leaves him easily confused and he has difficulty making his mind up.

At some during his imprisonment he created a host of advisors, who happen to be holographic duplicates of himself and thus are representations of aspects of his personality:

  • Noah White[1], the Good Advisor[2]: a good personality that suggests the lighter moves. Working strictly on a volunteer basis, Mr. White is the Toymaker's (very quiet) voice of the good. He's shy and always very positive.[1]
  • M. Adam Curious[1], the Clever Advisor[2]: a neutral personality that suggests the more logical moves. A brilliant scientist, Curious is the brains (or at least, brain portion) behind Game Over's sinister pyrotechnics.[1]
  • Benjamin "Bunnytoes" Loosalini[1], the Dictator Advisor[2]: a dark personality that suggests the darker moves. Voted most likely to overthrow a small nation in elementary school, Loosalini is a dictator at heart.[1]






"I gave you back your legs when you were in the game! I did that for you!"




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