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The Tracking Bracelet is a spy gadget Alexander Minion created. It is, basically, a bracelet used to track the movements of enemy spies, similar to the Locator Device.


Spy Kids[]

In Spy Kids, before Juni inadvertantly reveals the location of the Third Brain in a secret compartment underneath Gregorio and Ingrid's wedding photo Carmen purposely knocked over while they were getting settled in the Safe House after fleeing their home in the Super Guppy after the Ninja Thumb invasion, OSS traitor Ms. Gradenko gave one of these bracelets to Carmen, claiming they were standard issue for OSS agents, before she attempted to steal the Brain from them. Carmen and Juni recovered the brain and fled from Gradenko and her henchmen in a Ukressa store in San Diablo. Later, while the two siblings are resting from the chase at the San Diablo Park, after Juni attempts to destroy the Brain after determining its past, Carmen stops him from doing so and ditches him out of disgust when he tries to convince her they're being tracked. Moments after Carmen walks away, she realizes too late Juni was right and throws the bracelet away, just before their robot counterparts show up and easily steal the brain from them.