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The Transmogrifier, also called the Fooglie-izer, is a device belonging to Alexander Minion that transforms its victims into Fooglies. The most notable victims of the device were Donnagon Giggles (transformed into Donnamight), Felix Gumm (after he was captured by Ninja Thumbs raiding the Cortez household before Carmen and Juni escaped to the Safe House in the Super Guppy), Gregorio Cortez (thanks to the Fooglie drawing Juni did) and Minion himself (he would become the four-headed Fooglie he is today, complete with two extra hands on his right hand).

Appearance and Abilities[]

Located in the robotics lab of Floop's Castle, how it works is through a set of helmets placed on the head of the victim strapped into the device, which are connected to a double-sided cone table, which is actually a scanner, that scans either a drawing or a clay sculpture of what the Fooglie design is supposed to look like. Once the Fooglie design is successfully scanned, the data from the scanner is delivered to the helmet placed on the victim's head, which then crosses into said victim's DNA, resulting in his/her transformation into the Fooglie designed in the exact likeness of the drawing or sculpture, as noted when the room darkens, at which point both the room and victim's body emit a multicolored glow and steam and smoke emanate from the machine. Usually, if it's a drawing of the design, the drawing has to be placed on the scanner face-down, at which point the victim's whole body will transform. Occasionally with clay sculptures, only the victim's head transforms, but additional body parts are sometimes added into the mix. Each time the device works, the process causes a brain wipe that turns the victim's mind to mush, but the effects are reversible when the victim is transformed back to normal.


Spy Kids[]

Making its only appearance in Spy Kids, the Transmogrifier was used on the captured OSS Agents that were either thought to be protecting the Third Brain or infiltrating the castle to rescue their captured comrades, and it was after each agent's capture and transformation, they would appear as characters in Floop's TV Show. Donnagon Giggles would fall victim to the device after failing to rescue his captured fellow agents, and would appear on Floop's show the day Gregorio and Ingrid set off on their mission. While Gregorio and Ingrid were having dinner with Floop following their capture, Floop demonstrated the device on Felix after he was captured by the Ninja Thumbs that raided the Cortez home as Carmen and Juni were escaping to the Safe House. After locking Floop in the Virtual Room after Carmen and Juni's robot doppelgangers took the Third Brain from them and while the real Carmen and Juni were storming the castle, Minion later used the device on Gregorio with Juni's Fooglie design after the Ninja Thumbs took it from the couple while taking them to their cell following their capture. After Juni frees Floop and himself from the Virtual Room and after the two found Carmen disguised as a Thumb Thumb after she fell into the puzzle trap Gregorio almost fell into earlier in the movie and landed in the Thumb Thumb creation and maintenance room, they hurry to the dungeon to free the parents, where Juni is shocked to discover that Minion used his Fooglie design on his father. After helping Carmen and Juni free their parents just as Mr. Lisp arrived at the castle to pick up his robot army, Floop uses the device to turn Gregorio back to normal. Then, in a spot of revenge, the family lures Minion into the robotics lab to turn the machine on him. Shortly after placing the sculpture of Minion as the four-headed Fooglie he is today on the scanner, they hand him the control button that activates the machine and leave him strapped into it. Shortly after the family and Floop leave the lab to stop the robots, Minion releases his grip on the control button and transforms into his new form. After Mr. Lisp is defeated, the other captured OSS Agents are rescued and turned back to normal, whereas Minion would keep his new form and be cast on Floop's show with Carmenita and Junito.