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Ukressa is a clothing store in San Diablo that only appeared in Spy Kids.


Spy Kids[]

In Spy Kids, Carmen and Juni flew to a Ukressa store in San Diablo after they managed to retrieve the Third Brain from the Safe House and stopped Ms. Gradenko from stealing it. It was after retrieving the brain and following a wild chase through the skies, Carmen and Juni hid in this particular Ukressa store to escape from the Ninja Thumbs chasing them, where Carmen managed to fool them by placing her BuddyPack on a clothing trolley, causing the Thumbs to chase it through the streets until it was hit by a car and knocked over, revealing only the BuddyPack itself and causing it to malfunction. Carmen and Juni would also purchase some new clothes during their trip to this store.


  • In the August 1999 cast draft of the first film, the store was originally a Woolworth's.[1]