Hello, fellow humans. My name is Sarah. Aka SarahSpyborg259 from DeviantArt. I am co-admin here at the Spy Kids wiki alongside Maurice.136, Valenthyne and RRabbit42. I try to make this wiki as reliable as it can be, as fans deserve the best information on the franchise possible.

For one, I am a BIG fan of the Spy Kids franchise. I love all the movies no matter what the critics say. I really like the plotlines, characters, setting and even the gadgets and gizmos. I don't really like the *ahem* toilet humour in it. Pretty gross. Anyways, do so leave a message to me and I'll try and get back. Just keep in mind that my timezone is Australian Central Standard Time, so there might be a big chance I‘d be asleep when you send a message.

My deviantart page:

Have a good one. And remember; never send an adult to do a kids job! ;)

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