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The Virtual Room is a soundstage/virtual backlot within Floop's Castle, which, hence its name, has the power to manipulate virtual reality. Fegan Floop uses it primarily for filming his TV Show Floop's Fooglies. It can only be operated from the outside via the castle's main computer system. Once an individual enters this room and nobody is manning the computer system, they are immediately trapped inside with no way out.


The room has the power to manipulate virtual reality when it is in use, but once the system deactivates, the room's interior is shown with the appearance of a motherboard, which is one of the internal components of a computer.


Spy Kids[]

The room made its first appearance in Spy Kids. After escaping from their cell following their capture and narrowly avoiding falling into a puzzle pit (it had a protective barrier preventing the individual from falling in, which Gregorio found quite clever), Gregorio and Ingrid ended up trapping themselves inside this room until they fell through a trapdoor leading to the grand hall of the castle where they arrived just in time for dinner with Floop himself, where he would demonstrate the mutating machine that turns its victims into Fooglies on Felix after he was captured by the Ninja Thumbs that raided the Cortez home. Then, after Floop was busy filming a segment for his TV show, Carmen and Juni's robot counterparts were sent to retrieve the Third Brain from them in San Diablo after Ms. Gradenko failed to retrieve it from the Safe House, and it was after the robots returned with the brain in hand, Minion ordered them to lock Floop in this room, since he was more concerned about improving his TV show rather than helping Mr. Lisp with his plans. Later, while Carmen and Juni were infiltrating the castle and tried to find the dungeon to rescue their parents, Juni needed a place to hide when the rest of the Robot Children, now with the Third Brain in their bodies and acknowledging him and Carmen as intruders (they recognized the siblings as the real thing instead of their robot clones, as they weren't wearing the same telltale gray jumpsuits they wear), chased them through the castle and Carmen fell into the same puzzle trap Gregorio almost fell into (that time, it didn't have the barrier preventing the individual from falling in); Juni hoped this room would lead him to the dungeon, and entered, where he found Floop, and shortly afterward, he was immediately trapped inside. After Floop tells Juni that Minion and Mr. Lisp were the real villains, Juni short-circuits the room with his Electroshock Gumballs with a good aim to Floop's forehead, allowing them to escape the room.

Spy Kids 2[]

Appearing again in Spy Kids 2, while Floop was busy filming his TV Show, filming was quickly interrupted by Carmen and Juni's request for assistance to reach the island of Leeke Leeke in their search for the Transmooker.