Wilbur Wilson is a TV actor, TV host and spy hunting reporter and is Cecil, Rebecca and Maria's dad and Marissa's husband.


Wilbur's a TV actor of "Wilbur Wilson: Spy Hunter" and is known as a Spy Hunter, which is ironic because he's been married to a spy all this time.





Wilbur married his first wife and they had the twins, Rebecca and Cecil. The couple parted in an unknown way, whether it was the wife passing away or a divorce. 2 years before the events of All the Time in the World, Wilbur married Marissa.

Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World

Wilbur was living a happy life with Marissa. They had a new daughter named Maria, while Rebecca thinks there is something sinister about her stepmother. Cecil however, thinks she's nice. Though truth was, Marissa worked as a spy for the OSS and kept it a secret until she exposed it to the twins.

Meanwhile, Wilbur got a new job as a news reporter and host for a TV show called Spy Hunter where he would travel across the city to find secret agents with a special spy tracker he built. On one of his episodes on live, he and his cameraman went to Tick Tock's layer and saw Marissa, Maria, Argonaut, Rebecca, Cecil, and Carmen fighting against the Timekeeper's clones. He was so excited, not knowing that the spies were actually his relatives. After checking the video on the computer, Wilbur eventually notices and destroys the computer and the tape so that his family doesn't accuse him, which meant he had to lose his job.

At the end of the film, Wilbur helped saved his family and the world from it's time getting destroyed. He accepts his relatives for who they are as spies simply trying to save the world from crime and evil.











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